Monday, July 26, 2010

Animations test

Tried out some animation concepts. Nothing fancy but hey must start somewhere.

Used the JavaFX Composer in NetBeans. Have a text that says Berra (my nick name) and a button. There are then two states. In the start state things look like this.

Pressing the button causes the text to fall down rapidly. The fall stops when the bottom is almost reached.

The first button is replaced with another button that makes the text go up but with less speed than it went down. Once the text is up again the original button comes back and things start over.

Complete source code here.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Project Poker Part 6

Moving on a little with my poker application.

One thing missing is a panel used to display information about a player. The minimal compulsory set of player data is made up of the name which identifies a player and the number of chips the player has. Have now designed a panel that can be used to display this set of data.

The name of the player is displayed with the use of a Label, that is centered by the use of a Stack layout. Should a player have a too long name so will it be cut and ended off with a ellipsis.

The chip count is also represented with the us of a Label. This means that if a player should have a really large amount of chips so will the number of chips be cut off like for the name of the player. This is not the desired behavior. Will have to fix this later, but not really a prioritized thing right now since there are loads of other things to do.