Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drop Shadows

Tested the concept of drop shadows today. The idea is to have a shadow under an graphical object to make it look like it hovers.

Applied a drop shadow to the Swedish Flag from my previous blog entry. The entire flag should have a shadow. The blue bottom rectangle in the flag has the same size as the entire flag so the desired effect can be achieved by adding a drop shadow to this rectangle.

The code that give the drop shadow can be seen in the following snippet:

effect: DropShadow {
    color: Color.rgb(32, 32, 32),
    offsetY: 5,
    offsetX: 5,
    radius: 15

The default color of the drop shadow is black but in this example a gray tone is used instead which is defined by the color argument above.

The final result can be seen in the picture below.

Complete source code can be found here.

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