Friday, September 24, 2010

The JavaFX 2.0 Roadmap

Apparently some major changes are waiting around the corner regarding JavaFX with the up and coming version 2.0. Had a look at the roadmap today and have been checking out various blogs about the topic.

My (noobish but still) impression is that things definitely are going in the right direction. One problem though with the road map is that it promises loads of exciting things but not so much in there about how all these goals are going to be accomplished. It is kind of like my wishlist for Christmas when I was smaller, loads of great stuff on it and marvelous plans in my head about what I would do with all my presents. But then much to often I ended up sitting there with a new pair of socks, another silver spoon for the collection and finally some crayons with accompanied drawing-papers. The paper was always the gray cheap one made from recycled newspapers or something.

Guess my personal roadmap must be revised a little now. Probably going to focus more now on filling up some of the many gaps in my Java-knowledge while waiting for Oracle to deliver that remote controlled super fast airplane that will change my world to a much better place.


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